January 28, 2021
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  • 30 pics of babies who have a special bond with their cute fluffy dogs!!

30 pics of babies who have a special bond with their cute fluffy dogs!!

One Japanese grandma has been documenting the precious bond her grand kids share with her poodles, and it has earned her 559K online fans. Once you see the pics, however, this huge number is anything but surprising. Each photo the grandma posts — whether it’s a candid or a directed shot — is incredibly cute and can brighten even the darkest of days. From watching TV to taking a nap, who wouldn’t follow a feed that shows adorable kids spending time with fluffy doggos?

In total, there are three doggos in the family. Qoo is thirteen years old, Riku — Mame’s best friend — is eleven, and Gaku is three. “Qoo is really calm and usually watches over everyone,” the grandma introduced the elder pup. “Riku has some sort of lullaby superpowers and can put my grandson to sleep or enjoy a nap with him together, and Gaku is everything you’d expect from a youngster — full of energy.”

However, the grandma added that there isn’t any chaos being together. They keep calm and things don’t get out of hand. Which is something my family should definitely learn.

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